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Help! The key won’t turn in the ignition!

If your car has keyless ignition, don’t smirk as you read this – the complaint may seem like yesteryear to you, but this is a problem that confronts drivers each and every day – and normally at the worst time possible, like when they’re already late for work or the school run.

The good news is that more often than not the problem can be resolved there and then. So where to start? 

Your first course of action is to turn the steering wheel. Move the steering wheel from right to left. Pull the wheel in the direction that has give and hold it there for a while. Now, change the key position while keeping the steering wheel turned. If this doesn’t work, rock the steering wheel a few times, moving the key at same time.

No luck? Try lubricating the lock. Spray a lubricant into the ignition cylinder and wipe away any extra lubricant falling out of the keyhole. Insert the key and turn. Juggle the key a little and add more lubricant.

Still no success? Then shake or ‘rap’ the key. The reason the car key won’t turn in the ignition is because the insides of the ignition cylinder are positioned in the wrong way. Shaking the components helps them position back and start your car. With the key in the ignition, use a tool to get the inside of the lock to move so it’s easier to shake the key.

Then maybe try a spare key?It may be that the key won’t turn in the ignition because it is bent or broken. If the spare key won’t work either, you know the key is not the issue! 

In which case you may need to replace the ignition cylinder. You can buy one and install – if it still doesn’t work, you may require a new ignition switch.

… by which time you’re thinking “I better call a locksmith”. With Keyfast’s 24-hr emergency service and state-of-the-art mobile units, we can come to you and get you back on the road with minimum inconvenience. Call us on 1850 911 539.

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