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How Your Key Works

The Key blade is the most obvious and recognisable part of your key. It is unique to the locks and ignition of your vehicle. It will allow you to open the doors and turn the ignition to unlock the steering wheel, but it will not allow you start your vehicle. 

Most vehicle vehicles manufactured after 1995 contain transponder keys, which are keys than contain a transponder chip that must be read before the vehicle is started. If the incorrect chip is used the immobiliser will not deactivate and the vehicle will not start. 

The remote is primarily used to activate the central locking. Most modern vehicles use a remote as the main way to lock and unlock your vehicle. The remote is also used to activate the alarm system if present. 


The Key blade can become worn from use.

The blade can break or get stuck in the lock.

The blade can break or become loose from the head.

The transponder chip can fall out of some key heads.

The transponder can break inside the head.

The transponder can sometimes fall out of sync with the immobiliser.

The remote is very prone to wear and tear leading to damaged buttons.

The battery can go flat or the connections inside the fob can become loose.

The fob itself can start to break up and fall apart. 



We can cut new blades for keys that have become worn or are broken.

We can remove broken or stuck keys.

We can replace lost and broken transponders.

We can refurbish damaged or worn remote fobs.

We can repair key fobs that are damaged inside. 


Keys Locked Inside

We can do this in a non-destructive way using specialised lock picks or wedge and reach systems. 


Lost or Stolen Keys

…It happens to us all. 

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