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Residential Services

KEYFAST understand that your home should be your sanctuary from the world, and so all of our residential locksmith services are aimed at protecting and making your home a safer place for you to live in. We provide residential locksmith services to homeowners and landlords, we specialise in common locksmith and security issues, offering expertise on installation of new locks, as well as the prevention of unauthorised access by parties holding old keys.

We are very conscious of the stress and consequences caused by being locked out of your home, and we endeavour to do all we can, to help you get back in as quickly as possible – we go out of our way to help our customers in such emergencies. Our specially equipped mobile units provide the rapid emergency response you need in critical situations. 

Our services include:

So if you’ve got a rusted padlock that needs to be replaced or are worried about the standard of your home security, do not put it off and wait for the inevitable. Instead, give KEYFAST a call and get your issues sorted out promptly with our residential services.

From providing a master key system to open all your home locks with a single key, or upgrading your home security with high-security locks, or simply to avail of basic locksmith residential services, give us a call on 1850 911 539 and we’ll devise the perfect solution to all your lock and key problems! 

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