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Staycationing? Don’t forget the spare car keys!

Of all the things that can go wrong on your staycation, few things are more irritating (and potentially expensive) than mislaying your car keys.

It’s one sure way to disrupt those best-laid travel plans and put everyone in a bad mood. And with many families being forced to abandon the sun destinations and holiday at home this year for the first time, spare keys are an item you can easily leave off the holiday checklist.

We know the risks are there – the excitement over the holiday, the absence of routine, the fumbling with all those fiddly items on the beach and the unfamiliar accommodation – all heighten the danger of those precious keys going missing.

According to a survey of over 1,000 motorists in the UK, 40 per cent never take a spare car key with them when on a driving holiday. It could well be higher on this side of the pond, with Irish drivers less used to bringing their cars on holiday. And here’s something to think about: almost one fifth of those surveyed admitted to having misplaced or lost their car keys while on holiday..

Toyota, who conducted the research, have come up with a couple of easy tips for holidaymakers hitting the road:   

·         Firstly, identify a safe place for your keys when you arrive at your end location. Make it like at home where you probably keep your keys in one place.

·         Also, a large, brightly coloured key ring can help locate them if you can’t remember where you left them

And dare we say it: you may be staycationing again in 2021, so put your spare car keys on your holiday check list right now!    

If you do find yourself stuck without your car keys, our 24-hour Emergency Nationwide Service can help. Call us here at KEYFAST on1850 911 539.

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