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Top 6 Home Security Tips From Locksmiths Cork, Ireland

Home security is one of the most essential elements of residence that must be executed with great care and consideration. Whether you are living alone or with your family in Ireland, it is important you ensure maximum security in your living condition to protect your household items and other valuable objects in your house.

Bringing to you from our expert locksmiths in Cork, here are the top 10 home security tips that you must implement on.

1.     Security alarms

It is always a better option to get a security alarm than to not. Security alarms ring off the moment an intruder attempts to trespass the boundaries of your property and break in. Whether you’re home or not, if a thief attempts to break in, the loud security alarm would alert your neighbors and call the police.

2.     Keep the garage locked

Equipments such as mechanical tools, ladders, electrical tools, screw drivers and etc are all stored up in your garage. These equipments can easily be used to break into your property by screwing open a lock. If you want to ensure maximum home security, our expert locksmiths Cork suggest you keep your garages locked.

3.     Keep all the doors locked

Whether you’re going to the grocery shop by the corner or out for a couple of hours, you must always lock the doors and windows in your house. As strange as it may sound, our locksmiths have actually discovered that a lot of people fail to do so. This only makes it easier for a trespasser to set in your property and rob you off your valuables.

4.     Give spare keys to someone

Instead of keeping your spare keys in your house under common places such as your door mat or behind that aloe plant, give your spare keys to someone you’re very close to. Thieves are smart and it is a common habit of most people to leave their spare keys behind such accessible places. The thief might already know where to look.

5.     Hide your keys

Even if a thief manages to break into your house, the best thing you can do is to make a habit of keeping your other essential keys hidden to minimize the damage. For example, if you leave your car keys on the display, the thief can easily steal your car which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

6.     Only choose standardized locks

Securing your home is essential because this is the place you live; the place where you keep all your precious items. Negligence to the type of locks you install could cost you thousands of pounds in case a burglar actually intrudes your premises.

This is why you must always opt for International Standard locks when endeavoring to maximize your home security in Ireland. These locks are a bit costly but authorized by the government and claim to be unbreakable. Your insurance company in Ireland would also cover up a burglary cost only if the locks installed comply with the International Standards.

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